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Issue 3/2016

Focus Topic: Cross-sectional Tasks of Schools

Currently, “cross-sectional task” is kind of a magic word, although this type of task is not new. Tasks that do not refer to particular subjects but transcend them and that are relevant for school life as a whole have always been allocated to schools. Regarding school history, the duty of national education was one of the most effective tasks, and several topical ones may be understood as kind of a revision, e.g. intercultural education, or linguistic education in the context of multilingualism, or education in democracy (in a migration society).

A screening of topical education-political documents has resulted in the depiction of more than ten cross-sectional, partly overlapping tasks, which are currently discussed and are implemented to some extent. It will be shown in a report how this situation is reflected in the curricula of the various Federal States; another report deals with the question how cross-sectional aims can be promoted in the educational field of the school.

Four cross-sectional tasks have been chosen for the focus topic: education in democracy, prevention of violence, health promotion, and education for sustainable development. These four tasks are partly interwoven and must be merged in the context of school development. With regard to content, it is possible to refer to specialized knowledge; it can be shown that knowledge and competencies from one school subject are relevant for other ones, and how this knowledge and theses competences can make a contribution to enhance school as an institution, involving both learners and teachers.

Issue 3 will be out in August 2016.

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