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Special Collection 2016: Educational Research - Disciplinary Approaches

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Detlef Fickermann / Hans-Werner Fuchs (Eds.)

The first volume of the new series "Special Collection" of the journal DDS („Die Deutsche Schule“) comprises those ten articles, which were published in the column "Educational Research - Disciplinary Approaches" from 2011 to 2015. The volume is edited by Detlef Fickermann and Hans-Werner Fuchs.

Empirical educational research is not only issue and field of work of a single discipline, but its embedment is highly interdisciplinary. Educational science, psychology with its subdiscipline educational psychology, and educational sociology are involved, moreover economis of education, educational geography, and also political science, insofar as it deals for example with questions of education political governance. With regard to norm-setting processes, jurisprudence is involved, too. For some time past, neurosciences also raise the claim to make an empirical contribution to educational processes.

In order to facilitate a broad reception of empirical educational research and to introduce it to the administrative and/or political discourse, it is important to know the specific approaches of the discipilines to the issue, as the case may be also their specific limitations, in order to take them duly in consideration. This volume wants to make a contribution to this end.

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