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Issue 2/2017

Focus Topic: Education in a Digital World

Digitalization has long pervaded the world of living and learning, ways of communication and interaction have changed, and thus has also the access to information and its handling. How is then digitalization at schools made a subject of discussion, and how does it become both a matter and an instrument of teaching and learning?

The focus topic stands in the context of the strategy paper of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK), “Education in a Digital World”, which was released in 2016. According to this paper, media education is understood as an integral part of all school subjects.The contributions of the focus topic broach the issue of this conception of education and ask for the implications with regard to school development, in the context of which this potential can be used to alter teaching and learning processes; they reflect the KMK strategy and point at research desiderata that (still) exist. One report deals with necessary efforts to strengthen the topic in teacher education. Another one shows the educational political challenges and related measures from the perspective of a Federal State. Finally, the role of informational education in this context is put up for discussion.

Issue 2/2017 will be out in June 2017.

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