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Issue 1/2019

Focus Topic: University Schools

As an education political novelty, the increasing practice-orientation of teacher education leads to a systematic networking of universities for teacher education and schools. This is sometimes not only associated with an intensified co-operation in the context of traineeships or altogether with the extension of practice phases in teacher education, but also with an explicit research purpose on the part of the universities.

A comparison shows that the co-operation concepts are not only characterized by different grades of institutionalization, but also by accentuations, which stress a stronger research orientation on the one hand and a strong training orientation on the other. Herewith, a differentiation of institutionalized co-operation forms between universities and schools has started in Germany, which will be depicted in this issue.

The structural distinction between training and/or research schools, which becomes visible at the respective university schools, can already be found in the history of the co-operation between schools and universities. Based on an education-historical perspective on the phenomenon, the issue presents – for reasons of comparison and broadening of horizon – both international examples from the U.S.A., England, and Austria, and rich-in-tradition as well as newly initiated innovative co-operation forms in Germany.

Issue 1/2019 will be out in February 2019.

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