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Issue 1/2017

Focus Topic: Professionalization for Working at Schools

Teachers’ range of tasks has enormously extended in the context of societal challenges. Against this background, professionalization processes of future teachers and the question of supportive conditions to that are nationwide discussed, arranged, and explored, for example in the context of the “Quality Pact for Teaching”.

Issue 1/2017 focuses on professionalization for working at schools and on (further) professionalization of schools’ educational staff. First, it deals with the biographically important career start. Here, various forms of mentoring are offered, which are presented in an international comparative study. Currently, professionalization with regard to inclusive settings is a particular challenge at schools, last but not least with respect to the actors’ professional self-conception, which is paradoxically provoked by classroom assistants, who are widely not professionally trained. The role irritations are exemplarily analyzed with regard to structural problems and to frictions, which result from different roles in the action co-ordination; this is also discussed with respect to potential training offers. Furthermore, the focus topic deals with the structural framework of further teacher training, with aspects of its didactics, and with selected empirical results regarding characteristics of “effective” further trainings. A historically informed look at the future of the teaching profession concludes the focus topic.

Issue 1/2017 will be out in March 2017.

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