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Issue 2/2018

Focus Topic: Inclusive Education at Schools

One of the topical educational-political key challenges is the adaptation of the school system to the demands of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which was signed in 2009. Following a strict interpretation of the Convention, general schools have to become the primary places of education for all children and youth, covering the entire range of individual, social, and cultural heterogeneity. Hence, dealing with heterogeneity will become the normal situation in every school and its general pedagogical task, with the individual pupils’ needs being the central reference point in a learning arrangement, which is adequate for all. This includes multiple necessary adjustments of the school system on various action and control levels.

The issue of the implementation of inclusive education in schools has been broached in many studies since 2010. Usually, these studies focus on partial aspects of the overall field of inclusion. Only high methodical efforts make it possible to cover the different action and control levels and thus the complexity and dynamics of ongoing changes in the Federal States as a whole; as a result, there exist only a few studies to that so far.

Based on the results of four major, already completed evaluation studies, the contributions of the focus topic will show, on the one hand, which measures are appropriate to realize inclusive schooling in the fields of structural enhancement of schools, institutional advisory and assistance structures, and subject-related conceptual arrangement of pedagogical processes. On the other hand, the contributions will point to still existing knowledge gaps and appoint possible pursuing evaluation and research issues.

Issue 1/2018 will be out in June  2018.

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