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Issue 4/2017

Focus Topic: Transitions after General School Education

The transitions from general to vocational education or to university and from there to the first qualified occupation belong to the individually challenging, demanding and probably most serious changes of status in the lives of young people. Even if these early decisions with regard to a type of school, a recognized occupation, or a subject of study are not irreversible, these fundamental specifications, regularly made in an early phase of life, determine ways of qualification, educational biographies, lifetime earnings, and opportunities to a high degree.

From the perspective of those who are responsible for schools, vocational education, and studies – whether they come from politics, administration, or economy, providing apprenticeship training positions –, it is important to organize the frame conditions for these status passages and transitions between school and vocational training or university in a way, that wrong decisions are minimized and transitions between these sectors are as smooth as possible.

This requires not only an always sufficient number of training positions and university places, but also a high quality system of general and vocational schools, which reflects the diversity of interests and possible vocational paths, and the graduations of which allow suitable connections to corresponding further educational institutions and qualification opportunities.

Issue 4/2017 of the journal “Die Deusche Schule” deals with the transitions school–occupation and school–university and the individual challenges they pose. The articles focus on the educational and vocational system itself, the transitional paths, which have been established by it, and the graduates’ decisions for courses of education.

Issue 4/2017 will be out in November 2017.

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