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Issue 4/2016

Focus Topic: Schools in a "Challenging" Situation

The work of schools is always involved in specific socio-spatial contexts. This concerns both the social structure of the catchment area and the socio-cultural composition of the learners in class and at school. Problems occur especially in cases in which the children’s out-of-school milieu-specific socialization is rarely connectable with the demands at school. Then schools are particularly challenged to reflect problems of fitting and to react with specific measures of school and classroom teaching development.

In issue 4/2016, the term “failing” will be reflected, and the rather young field of research in Germany will be generally introduced, regarding its theoretical and empirical approaches and implications. Furthermore, some starting points for quality development and more educational justice on various levels of the school system will be specified. This involves quality issues of classroom teaching, but also education political and administrative management options through a more differentiated school financing. Reports from different initiatives, which support und develop failing schools, give insights into concrete development projects. A further article deals with concepts of organizational and design-based school development in the US-American context.

Issue 4 will be out in November 2016.

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