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Please mention: Since 2018, our journal is freely available (Open Access) after only one year, currently until Issue 2/2017!

Since 2018, articles in the DDS get a digital object identifier (doi) and can thus be persistently addressed. The identificators (the doi names) lead directly to the digital location of the designated object.

"DDS - Die Deutsche Schule" has been accepted into the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI)!

The editorial board has just been informed that Clarivate Analytics, which has taken over the Intellectual Property and Science Division from Thomson Reuters, has on our application reviewed the journal DDS and has accepted it into the Emerging Sources Citation Index. Therewith the journal is standing on the threshold of being accepted into the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE), where it will receive an Impact Factor. The Impact Factor provides information about how often the articles of a particular journal have been cited in other publications. That means that publications in the DDS will definitely be recognized much better in future. It's paying off to be author in the DDS!

Issue 4/2018: Issues and Problems of Addressing in Schools

Pedagogical interactions and school development processes are complex proceedings of addressing. This refers not only to the concrete communicative discourse between actors in the educational field, but also to the question, which practices of acknowledgment and constructions of difference are structurally expressed by doing so, i.e., who is implicitly and explicitly addressed and positioned by whom and who is thus (not) acknowledged.

Against the background of this comprehension of addressing, the focus topic theoretically and empirically analyzes various pedagogical contexts, processes, and modes of action. The contributions focus on different groups of actors (e. g., educational administration, teachers, parents) on various action levels (school as system, school as organization), both with regard to diverse challenging contexts of mutual perception and addressing and to concrete processes of handling with differences and of acknowledgment practices. On this basis, concrete findings for classroom practice are developed.

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