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Issue 1/2013

Focus Topic: Transition System

The National Education Report (“Education in Germany”), which has been published biennially since 2006, differentiates between three sectors of the vocational education system: the dual system (in-company or extra-company vocational training for recognized occupations requiring formal training in combination with instruction at a part-time vocational school), the school-based occupation system (vocational training for a recognized occupation requiring formal training that is taught at a full-time vocational school) and the so-called “transition system”. The third one covers “training programs that are located below the level of vocational training which leads to formal vocational qualification or that do not lead to recognized qualification but rather target improving a youth’s individual skills with the aim of starting vocational training or employment and in some cases make it possible for the individual to earn a school leaving examination” (Educational Reporting Consortium 2006, p. 79). In public and in topical educational policy debates as well as in professional discussions, the “transition system” is perceived as a waiting room preceding the other sectors, where the time of waiting has to be reduced.

Issue 1/2013 with the focus topic “Transition System” will address the question which functions are de facto fulfilled by the heterogeneous courses of education allocated to this sector, where and under which conditions they improve educational and vocational chances, but also, whether the risk of not undergoing a formal vocational training is increased by those courses. For this reason, two articles will present results from longitudinal studies, conducted by the Federal Institute for Vocational Training and Education (BIBB) and the German Youth Institute (DJI). Further articles of the focus topic will look at pedagogical and educational policy initiatives for a reform of the transition system.

The focus topic shall make a contribution to a foundation of the public debate and the professional discourse which are by now mainly based on unchecked assumptions and speculations, as it seems.

Issue 1/2013 will be out in February 2013.

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