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Felicitas Thiel / Martin Heinrich / Isabell van Ackeren (Hrsg.)

Evidence-Based Governance in the Educational System?
Results from the BMBF Funding Priority Governance in the Educational System (SteBis)


Regarding the great hopes, which have been set on the "new governance" of the Educational System and its instruments over a period of time, especially in the German-speaking countries, there is a also a great need for research with regard of the "effects and side-effects" of the new governance measures. This means the monitoring of the whole system as well as changing forms of school supervision and inspection, but also modified management concepts and obligations for self-evaluation on the level of the individual school.

The new supplement comprises studies which pick up essential desiderata of the governance research. Thus studies are presented which examine contrastingly various instruments under different (federal) implementation conditions, and others, which explore the use of different instruments and various data in connection. Furthermore, the changes in the relationship of actors are analyzed, especially the relationship between school leadership and school supervision, as a result of the implementation of the new governance concepts. Another focus lies on the reconstruction of actors' perspectives - with particular regard to stress factors and sense-making processes - and the challenges for single schools, which result from a specific composition of students and schol structural general conditions.

All studies presented are promoted in the funding priority "Governance in the Educational System" (SteBis) within the frame program "Empirical Educational Research" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Science (BMBF).

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